Wednesday, August 15, 2012


When you're a mommy, you are constantly evaluating yourself.  The burdens we have when raising children can be heavy, and how you measure success on this journey can either lessen your load or add to it.  I speak from experience, because I have done more adding to my burdens with unnecessary worrying about my job performance than I care to admit. 

I found this note on the fridge this morning from a child who struggles to obey.  It was such a bright spot, and got me to thinking about that question "Am I doing anything right?!" that plague our mommy minds.

There is love there....

Love for mom and dad, and his Heavenly Father who loves him more than we ever can.

So friends, stop worrying.  Love your children and be a reflection of God's love, and you can call that success I'm sure.

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Jessi said...

Beautiful, Shelly.