Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pray for the Buttrams

The last couple of weeks have been difficult for our community.  We were hit with damaging winds and storms that left West Virginia without power, as well as surrounding states.  I had never heard of a derecho before, but that is what hit us.
Then, a very dear friend who is also a pastor at our church, was struck by a car last week.  He is in critical condition.  Please, please pray for our friend, Kim Buttram.  I have known his family since I was a little girl;  I grew up with their four kids.  My husband became best friends with their oldest son in junior high.  Their two daughters have been friends of mine for years, one of them is Aunt Jessi to our kids, and her husband is a very close friend of my husband and I;  he is Uncle Josiah.  These people are incredibly dear to us.  His wife, Linda, has been a huge source of encouragement to me, specifically since I became a mommy.  We are heartbroken that this tragedy has occurred, and we are daily praying for healing for our friend.  My heart aches for his family who are facing this long road ahead.
Our good friend, S.D. Smith, aka Uncle Sam, who is Jessi's brother-in-law, wrote a lovely tribute about this God-fearing man.  In it you will learn more about our friend and his family, and there is also a link to a Facebook Page where folks are posting stories and encouraging words.
God will undoubtedly use this for His glory.  We are praying for His mercy and grace.  Please pray for Kim, for his family, and for all of us who love him. 

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