Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fried Pickles

When you find you have an enormous amount of pickles in your fridge, do what I did and slice 'em up and fry them. I recently bought a huge jar of pickles simply because I wanted the huge jar for something else (I love jars). I emptied the pickles into a very large bowl and now we are eating lots of pickles and the fridge is really smelly.
So, I found this recipe and they made a really delicious afternoon snack for the kids and me. I realize that this has zero nutritional value, don't worry, we ate plenty of fruit and good stuff that day too. Also, they had me reaching for the Tums later.

Anyway, these were really tasty. I didn't use nearly the amount of red pepper the recipe calls for, and I was low on paprika. So use caution with all that spice. I was thinking they needed a dipping sauce, but I didn't come up with anything; I'll leave that to your creative devices.