Monday, August 25, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

I am still here, just in case you were wondering. With planning my sister's wedding, Isabelle's birthday coming up, home projects, and diving into homeschooling, there just doesn't seem to be much time left!

It's exciting and a little scary taking on this homeschooling thing, and while we've done some school already, it's time to really kick it into high gear. I'm looking forward to the bonding time it will bring with our daughter, and the teamwork experience my husband and I will share. I am a little unsure about how I'm going to do this with a five month old and a three year old to care for, oh well. I guess they say "necessity is the mother of invention", so I guess I'll just have to dig deep to access that resourceful side I have...somewhere.

Fall time, my favorite time, is upon us and some of the trees in our front yard already have some leaves that are turning yellow. Little things like shopping for fall clothes for my kids and getting out my grandmother's glass pumpkin-shaped cookie jar just make me so happy! Ahh... jacket weather, anyone that knows me knows my love of my jean jacket. Another love of mine, cooking, is also put to use in autumn. I'm making a mental list of all of my favorite fall recipes to share. Provided I can find the time to sit down at the computer.

With all of this stuff on my mind, I've had some frustrating days. Days when I wonder if I should be a parent at all! But then when it seems all hope is lost, I learn something, a hug goes a long way. I mean that. On that uplifting note, I'll go. My kids are asking for a snack.


*HoLLi jO* said...

Girl, very encouraging post! :-) Motherhood is getting the best of me at this time as well! I hope homeschooling goes well.. you are one strong lady!! :-)

LESLEES GETTING MARRIED!? How exciting.. whens the big day??

Shelly said...

Hey Holli. It's nice to know my crazy experiences can be an encouragement! Yes, my sister is getting married Oct. 25. It was a bit sudden, so we're all scrambling to get ready! And as for me being a strong lady... please, I admire you!
Hope to see you soon.

gina said...

hugs to you, friend. glad you haven't given up on this endeavor.