Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Girl's Room Before and Afters, Part One

We started a few weeks ago redecorating our girls' room. Then things got complicated. We had homeschool testing, people got sick, and our birthday marathon began. We have four birthdays in our family in less than a month. That drives me crazy. Anyway, now I'm scrambling to get done.

Here are some before shots.

Notice the room also needs a good cleaning. I'm into multi-tasking.

Now for the nice clean, freshly painted and wallpapered version:

You can't really tell in the photo, but the green on the wall is wallpaper. It has a tiny cream dot pattern. I originally wanted something floral, but when we saw this we loved it. Wallpaper was our big splurge, as was the crown molding. I can't imagine wallpapering a whole room; that stuff is really expensive.

We have new bunk beds to bring in, but everything else for the room I'm either sewing or we are bringing in from elsewhere in the house. I "shopped" our garage for some things, and we re-painted a couple of pieces. I think for the girls' name letters, I'm going to just use their initial and hang with ribbon.

Stay tuned for the big reveal!


gina said...

Love it! It's looking so nice and I know it will just be beautiful when you are done. How fun...

Trena said...

Looks really good. I can't wait for part two! :-) It must be the season for make-overs. My girlie is mid-make-over currently.

Jessi said...

Looks beautiful! Shelly, you really are talented.

Shelly said...

Thanks girls! We moved the girls in last night (finally). I was hoping to have it all done (curtains, stuff on walls) before they moved in, as a fun surprise, but that's not very realistic. We got their beds set up and made, and today I'm really hoping to get the curtains done! We will see.