Friday, January 21, 2011

Seasonal Goals (or, New Year's Resolutions)

I've never been a big New Year's Resolutions person. It's not that I don't think they are a good thing; it just seems that there is a whole lot of hype surrounding them. Promises are made to do this or that, and then you forget about it. It's quite possible that this is just my problem, and there are lots and lots of people out there that are disciplined with their resolutions. I do like to set goals though, but I just tend to make them more slowly, as the seasons come. For instance, last summer I was determined to do three things: grow a successful garden, can jam, and make pickles. I did them all and it felt great! As the year came to a close, I began to think about changes I'd like to make, and things I'd like to accomplish. And because I have seen growth in myself with regards to being disciplined and determined, I'm making some goals for the new year and sharing them here for all to see!

Read my Bible with better consistency and memorize scripture
I regret that I have not always been disciplined in this very important area. I find that I am able to respond to my family with more patience and love if I am prepared for battle by spending time in the Word. Many times I have found myself searching my mind for a Bible verse to help me with a situation; I hope to really work on hiding God's word in my heart.

Love more, complain less
This has become kind of a mantra of mine. I just want to put more of my energies into showing love, and less into finding something to fuss about. I think I complain to my husband more than anyone else. (Not about him mind you, honestly the man is a jewel and hardly gives me reason to complain.) I find lots of things to complain about and he's the lucky one who gets to hear the drama. I also don't want to set an example of discontentment to my children.

Cook more foods that my husband likes
My man is not a picky eater, or a complainer. He loves everything I cook, but I know there are things I'm not cooking that he likes. There have been times we've been at a pot-luck and he'll go on about something simple like deviled eggs, or broccoli casserole. I realized I wasn't really planning our menus to include some of his favorites. I made banana pudding last week, and this week he asked for potatoes au gratin.

Crochet something other than a scarf
I learned to crochet in home economics in high school. There was a boy in the class that made about ten blankets that year; mine is under my bed, unfinished, in a dusty trash bag. Hmmm..speaking of determination and discipline? Sad, I know. I started crocheting again last year, and I love it. But the only thing I made was a scarf. Those patterns are really intimidating for me, but I am determined to figure it out this year.

Learn to play Claire de lune on the piano.
I took piano on and off growing up, and then for a couple years after I was married. Then I had my oldest, and didn't go back to my lessons. I really miss playing, and I have always loved that song.

Get up early and spend time with my husband
I was always a morning person before I had kids. Most mornings now it seems I'm dragging a little. I often stay up too late, because I so cherish the quiet time after the kids have gone to bed. There's also the possibility that I'm up with a little one at night, and then I'm sleepy the next day. Going to bed earlier is going to have to be a priority if this is going to work.
This goal is a shared one with my husband. We both are really looking forward to sneaking downstairs and having coffee together before he heads off to work.

So, there you go! I'm looking forward to a new year. New adventures, changes, challenges, and growing to be experienced. What are you looking forward to?

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