Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Gifts

So I just wanted to show you some of the gifts I made for my family. Just a couple for now because I have mountains of laundry I need to fold before the baby is up. He likes to roll around in it, making it hard to fold while he's around.

Here is the house for Maggie. It turned out really well. You can really get carried away with these. I wanted to keep adding to it; maybe a rug on the inside and more flowers. Sometimes I need to reign myself in. I did go back and make her a horse to go with it. When she opened it she was expecting a horse, because her big sister's barn had one.

The little people are supposed to resemble my husband and I. I think they do; except for the ultra pale skin and the lack of glasses on my husband. That's a grandfather clock on the wall of the house behind the people. One of my favorite features.

I made this mouse pad for my husband. I wasn't sure if it was something he would like, or if it was too mushy with the declaration of my love on the front. But he really liked it and it is being put to good use in his office.

He is really proud of his new computer and wanted to make sure I got it in the picture. He's so cute.
Okay, off to tackle that laundry!


gina said...

Adorable, Shelly! Good job!!

Trena said...

I love both of these gifts. You did a fabulous job!

Shelly said...

Thanks girls! I sure had fun with them.

Jessi said...

Great job, Shelly! You have such an eye for beauty. Also, my kids really enjoyed playing with the fishing set that was accidentally left here.

Jamie B said...

Fabulous Shelly! I'm still working on my blog about seems it may possible be the first Sunday of Advent 2011 before I get to it :)

You did a GREAT job, I'm totally inspired to tackle one of those house/barn/ of these days...