Monday, June 21, 2010

My So-Called Food Snobbery Explained

I've mentioned before that my husband thinks I'm a food snob. There's been a running joke here lately about his comment to me that it's okay if I make "regular food". So am I a food snob? Here's the deal. My mother was and is an excellent cook. If she didn't get my lunch packed before school, she would bring me something homemade at lunchtime. I was the envy of all my friends. When I got home from school, many times there were pepperoni rolls or cookies waiting. She made most everything from scratch and that made a huge impact on me. When I got married I was disturbed to find out that my husband would really secretly rather have the brightly colored macaroni and cheese from a box than mine. The nerve. We dated four years before we got married and I never knew this.

He has since come around to my way of thinking. Although last year I made a pizza with goat cheese on it and he said it tasted like armpit. Honestly though, I wasn't crazy about the goat cheese either. Mozzarella is just fine, but (here's where the snobbery comes in) fresh mozzarella is just much better. I asked him the other day if he wanted anything at the store and he asked for graham crackers and the "crappy" peanut butter, he so affectionately calls it. "Crappy" means the unnatural kind. Hey, I wouldn't change him a bit. Being different is what keeps things interesting.

So, yeah, I have some smug tendencies toward food. It can get you into trouble. A while back at our Bible study, I nearly caused my friend JenaRae's throat to close up when I brought tea that appeared to be simply tea but it was tea with chai. "Shoot, I forgot you were allergic to cinnamon!" Sorry Jena!

Lest you never want to have me over for dinner, let me just say the following: I do enjoy the perks of a cake mix. Velveeta (if you want to make queso late at night after the kids are in bed) is valuable. I make beans and cornbread; sometimes we have pancakes for dinner. Sometimes it's more important who you're cooking for than what is actually on the table. Okay, it's always more important who you're cooking for. I genuinely appreciate any and every effort in the kitchen, especially when done out of love for your family. So keep it up ladies (or gents), whatever your style of cooking may be! You will not be judged.

Happy Cooking!


Natalie said...

You and MY SISTER! I'm really lacking in this department, especially for being raised in a restaurant environment my whole life. I'm with your hubby. Bring on the crappy peanut butter and kraft mac n cheese.

Shelly said...

We're all lacking in some departments! You're so talented musically! And I have taken to using more shortcuts. It's just unrealistic to think I can do it all, but it has taken me awhile to learn that!

Jessi said...

Shelly and Natalie, you've both inspired me in the cooking department! Shelly, the love and creativity you pour into making delicious and beautiful dishes for your family is something I greatly desire to do for my family. And Natalie, you inspire me to have fun, use what I have on hand, and improvise to cook for my family. I love you two ladies!

jena said...

Even though you tried to kill me, I still love your cooking! You have definitely inspired me as well! And maybe I'll get you some cute warning labels that say "made by Shelly with love and may contain peanuts, milk, cinnamon, or vanilla." That way it covers all of your friends!

Shelly said...

ha ha! that's a great idea Jena! especially since I sometimes put peanut butter in places you wouldn't expect it. you're an inspiration to me too!