Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Today my beloved husband John and I celebrate nine years of marriage. God has been so gracious to us. He brought us together through some difficult circumstances, which has always been an example to us of His sovereignty.

My ambition throughout high school was to marry John. I always tell him that he made all my dreams come true! This was what I wanted--to be a wife, homemaker, and mother. Sometimes in the middle of a crazy day or moment, froth with crying, spills, or some of the other things we mothers face, I'll stop and think--this is what I wanted.

Today will be filled with all of those everyday, lovely things...

...hungry kids, chubby hands, hugs, baby talk, crayons, cuddles, stories, questions, giggling, tears, superheroes, ponytails, diapers...

...and one incredible man that I love more now than I ever thought possible.


samuel said...

Very cool. We love you guys.

You guys are a great example to us all about hanging with the love of your youth, about staying committed together and about valuing the truly valuable.

Thanks for the post, Shelly.

I am glad that we are family in Christ. It is a wonderful blessing to have you guys as our brother and sister.

gina said...

ditto. beautiful post. love you guys.