Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Christmas Gifts

Happy New Year! I hope I'm finding you well. Now that the holidays are over, I want to show you a bit of handmade. I didn't commit to making much this Christmas. I really wanted to just enjoy the season, which I did, I think. Although I never can get everything on my list completed. I didn't even start on the handmade stuff until a couple of weeks before Christmas Day.

For now, I just want to show you these little cuties. I made these kitties for my girls, inspired by this. These were so fun, and easy. I just had the best time picking out material and bits of felted wool from my stash. The head, arms, and legs of the dolls are from an old pair of pants. They are so nice and soft.

I just used this familiar pattern for the kittens, and I just re-drew the head, adding the ears and omitting the hair. I made the legs smaller than the pattern, closer in size to the cats' arms.

There are just so many inspiring ideas out there! Lots of talented people to grab ideas from.


Trena said...

Adorable! My girlie would like one. Maybe for her birthday. I'll add it to my wish list.

Shelly said...

I think every girlie would want one! I fell in love with this idea. Just so darn cute.