Monday, May 3, 2010

The Birthday Gift and My Last Chance

Just wanted to share what my husband made me for my birthday. It's called a cold frame. You start your seeds in small containers and keep them in here while it's still cold outside.

It did it's job well. All the little plants look great and were planted in their permanent spot in the garden this weekend. Gardening has never been my domestic strong point, but I'm giving it another shot! I was a little surprised that he made this for me, knowing I have a reputation for stinking at gardening. He told me this weekend that if the garden didn't do well, that was it-this was our last chance. Shoot. The pressure's on. I'm not prepared for this to work this time. I haven't done enough research. I don't know which plants need full sun. But, if I see any critters out there eating the plants, I'm going to sit in a tree with a BB gun.


gina said...

Beautiful! Go get 'em, Shelly!

Renae said...

Great present! I have an old window I'm keeping in hopes of making a cold frame.

No pressure on the garden thing though. Yikes! Grow some basil. I never have any trouble with it. ;)

Peace to you,
Life Nurturing Education