Friday, February 10, 2012

Dessert for Breakfast

Today we had dessert for breakfast.

This past week we had everyone's (mostly) favorites every day. We had muffins one day, overnight steel-cut oats one day, scrambled eggs on toast with cream cheese once. We even had cereal one day, which we never do. I am not above cereal, but I have four kids, and they never just want one bowl, which means the box lasts about a day and a half. And the fact is that I don't like eating it for breakfast.

Today, I made this awesome cobbler. I wanted something easy that could bake up while we were doing chores. I think that because this recipe has so little sugar and butter, you can make it work for breakfast. Besides, a muffin is essentially dessert, and everyone eats those without reserve.

I made myself feel like a better mother by serving it with yogurt pooled beside it. Using a lot of blackberries (around three or four cups, I think, I didn't measure!), and adding a crumble made with a bit of oat flour, oats, brown sugar, and butter made it feel a little more breakfast-y.

Please don't burst my bubble by telling me about the evils of white flour and refined sugar, okay? It was delicious, it was Friday, and I've been a good girl lately.

Speaking of breakfast, I am excited to try this one. I am always looking for something new to try for our mornings.

Tomorrow we are having these cinnamon rolls. I like to mix them, roll them out, then put them in the fridge until morning. Usually on Saturdays I make my husband the manly food he wants, like biscuits and gravy, but I have been wanting to have these for awhile. Cinnamon rolls will be a cozy breakfast for tomorrow; I think we are going to have more snow tonight!

Have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Waiting for Spring

Our winter has been very different this year. We have had many warm, sunny days with very little snow. This has left us with spring fever around here. I have opened up the windows on more than one occasion, then left them open for a bit before realizing that it still is too chilly for that. And I've been asked more than once by my kids if they can wear shorts. Still too cold for flip-flops, but plenty warm enough to spend lots of time out playing. We have hardly used our winter coats, and that alone has made life easier. It is so much less exhausting taking children out when you don't have to locate everyone's hats and mittens!

Still, it is winter, as we awoke this morning to a little bit of snow. It was such a shock, let me tell you. I guess it will be awhile before we can count on all the warmth of spring, but it is much more cheerful to embrace the winter, than wish it away. So we are staying cozy with my favorite hot chocolate, found in this post, and keeping things cheerful in our surroundings as well.

Here is our mantle in our dining area. This is also where we do school mostly. The branches were our Jesse tree during Advent. When the ornaments came off, I made some pom-poms to adorn it. The pom-poms are kind of hard to see in the photo, but they are lovely! And who doesn't appreciate the simple beauty of pine cones and winter fruit?

This wreath took me a really long time, but it was worth it. Yes, it is much better to embrace winter. Lots of beauty to be found this season.

What are you doing to enjoy the season while waiting for spring to arrive?